Easy Ac Maintenance Hacks For You Home And Offices

Almost every housewife loves to do the routine household maintenance chores daily. It is an essential practice to avoid a dirty and unpleasant environment in the house which can cause health issues. Likewise, your air conditioner does require some maintenance to perform efficiently. You can obviously hire the best AC service provider to avoid such situations. But there are a few things which you can perform by your own for the smooth operation of your AC.

Following are the hacks which will lower down your AC repair costs and keep your AC as efficient as it was on the first day of its purchase. Having said that, some tasks mentioned here can be done by an average non-technical person, but some of the advanced tasks should be performed only by a trained professional.

air conditioning unit maintenance tips

1. Examine the air filter

There are two types of air filters equipped inside AC, either it could be a replaceable or reusable filter. If your AC has a replaceable filter option, you should change the existing filter regularly. This can be done every month if the AC usage is very high especially during summer and winters. The reusable filters can be cleaned very easily and can be reused without replacement.

To find the air filter, check the backside of the air grille. It can also be located at the blower compartment of the furnace or air handler. If your AC doesn’t have air filter inside these areas, it might be at the slot of the top, bottom or side of the furnace.

2. Check the wiring and components

Before performing any kind of maintenance task, switch off the air conditioner first. Disconnect every connection directing to the air conditioner. Next, try to remove the access panel of your AC’s condensing unit.

The wires inside this panel might show signs of overheating. Also, the insulation on the wires melts due to overheating, and the wires look blackened.

If you don’t notice any visible wiring issue, you can simply close the system and use it without any tension. However, you should call the AC repair technician immediately if you notice any major issue.

3. Check Thermostat

The thermostat is equipment which maintains your house at the right temperature. Check whether your thermostat is working properly. If your AC does have an older or mechanical thermostat, you should upgrade your AC thermostat to a programmable model. Take help of air conditioning maintenance company to perform such upgrades and modifications.

4. Check the condenser unit fan

The condenser unit mounted at the outside of your room or house has a fan which helps AC controlling the right temperature. Check the cleanliness of the condenser unit fan and replace the fan blades if there are any visible cracks on it. Also, older air conditioners have a fan motor which is required to be oiled regularly for smooth operation.

5. Clean the outside unit

The outside unit has to face dirt, plant leaves, grass clippings and other natural components which are built upon it over the time. Such things block the outside fan and other essential functions of the outside unit of AC. It eventually decreases the system capacity and reduces the required airflow for proper cooling.

If such things surround your outside AC unit, you should trim any plants or shrubs and prevent them from appearing around the air conditioner system.

These were the 5 best, and easy AC maintenance hacks you can perform at home. While so, you should definitely ask for professional help from air conditioner maintenance service providers. As stated by the experts it is always advisable to get yearly air conditioner maintenance done by skilled and professional technician to keep your AC running.