Is there a Power Outage? Before Switching Your AC ON Read This

Air conditioner makes our life very comfortable. It helps to keep our home cool even in the sizzling hot days. There are so many factors that can affect the performance of your air conditioner. Electricity is one of them. A storm or thunderstorm is a common time when there is power outage which means this is a time where you have to live without an air conditioner. You are going to sweat a bit but as and when the power is back we expect our air conditioner to work perfectly fine. But sometimes it doesn’t happen and we are left wondering what has gone wrong. Follow the following steps if your air conditioner doesn’t start:

precautions for power outage
  1. Turn off the air conditioner at the thermostat- Set your thermostat to off position so that you can restart the system. Find the "system" switch and turn your thermostat off.
  2. Turn your air conditioner off at the breaker- When you have shut down the ac at the thermostat, it’s time that you do same at the circuit breaker. Find out the switch for your air conditioner and turn it off. You can find the circuit breaker in the garage, exteriors, closets, laundry room etc.
  3. Now again turn the air conditioner on at the circuit breaker- After you have totally turned your system off, it’s time to start it again. Switch on the circuit breaker to "on".
  4. Wait for half an hour- Your air conditioner will need little time to reset after you have turned it back on again. It will take half an hour approximately
  5. Turn the thermostat back to ‘Cool’ mode- Now set the thermostat to cool setting again and your air conditioner will start working fine.

Get Best Tips From Local Repair Experts That Helps You To Know About power Outage

After the power outage above mentioned steps should usually start your air conditioner but if your air conditioner keeps on tripping the breaker then it indicates different problems. Call your local air conditioner repair company to fix the issue with your ac. Reasons why your air conditioner keeps on tripping the breaker:

  1. Dirty filters- Blocked air filters restrict the airflow. This put your system to undue stress and your system works harder to achieve the temperature that you want. This causes your air conditioner to overheat resulting in the tripping of the breaker. Dirty filters are also very harmful to the health. The dirt and debris present in the air filters act as a breeding ground for the molds, mildew, and bacteria. The spores of mold then spread through the air coming from the ac in the entire house which can cause the respiratory illness like asthma and can also trigger the allergies in the dwellers.
  2. Low level of refrigerant- With a low level of refrigerant, your air conditioner has to work very hard which again results in the overheating. You will need air conditioner service to recharge your ac and to detect the leak.
  3. Issues with condenser coil fan– This fan is located in outside unit. Sometimes this stops working so it fails to cool the coil properly.
  4. Dirty condenser coils- Condenser coils are situated in the outside unit. So it accumulates more dirt and debris. It works to dissipate the heat that the refrigerant has absorbed from your home. So when these coils are covered with dirt, leaves, and debris, it fails to dissipate the heat properly. This results in the air conditioner to work harder. During the storms, condenser coils are covered with the dirt. To clean it you need to wash it or you should call a local air conditioner repair to do the work.
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